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Childhood ADHD 

Finding RenuYou on-line, I brought my son Jon for focus problems.   Because he couldn’t focus, he was unable to receive academic information in a classroom or one-on-one setting and be able to process it and use it. Additionally, he was difficult to work with in settings that required him to sit and pay attention- like dinner time, movies, and reading time.

After doing Neurofeedback, he can focus now, he is less hyper, and he can sit still.  We have less discipline issues, more time with him focusing and so he is now able to learn, retain, and use new information.  Neurofeedback has allowed him to function just like other children in the classroom.  It has also made our life at home happier and less chaotic. 

We did metabolic therapy with Dr. Gardner which included a Candida toxicity cleanse.  It allowed Jon to progress faster with Neurofeedback.  Speech therapy progressed faster as well, which had not produced changes so quickly before. 

Because Neurofeedback Therapy has cleared up his focus problems, his school career will be less of a struggle and more fun for him.  The focus issues were like static getting in the way of his personality.  His is funny, a perfectionist, inquisitive, and very smart.  We were not able to see these things before the “static” was removed.

The Therapists at RenuYou have become dear friends.  We talk, I share, and they give great advice.  We laugh, we joke.  It is a wonderful place to spend time.

Anxiety/ Depression/ Adult ADD

I came to the RenuYou Center suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and over-focused ADD.  I heard about RenuYou from a television show on cox.  Also, Dr. Jubelirer had mentioned it regarding my son’s ADD. 

My generalized anxiety affected everything- anxiety attacks while driving; couldn’t eat in front of others; extreme self consciousness almost caused me to faint in public.  Depression ruined every holiday, keeping me in bed for days.  Insomnia was so bad I had been on Ambien CR for over 5 years and if I ran out or forgot to take it I had extreme nightmares.  ADD—couldn’t stay on task to complete projects but also was over focused and obsessive so I would engage in lots of repetitive behaviors to calm down.  I took prescriptions for anxiety and depression as well.  I tried Amberen to help with anxiety and menopause- it didn’t work.  The other prescriptions worked but I was developing a tolerance—needing larger doses for effectiveness.  And, I was becoming very addicted.

I did 30 Neurofeedback treatments which cured my anxiety and depression.  I was able to get off all medications!  I found the insomnia a little more difficult so I added acupuncture and herbal therapy and was then able to quit Ambien-CR.  I sleep very well now! 

These changes set the stage for a life transformation.  I started a diet and exercise program and lost 60 lbs.  I’m more energetic and feel healthier. When I feel a “mood” coming on, I can prevent getting into a funk- I have much better control over my moods.  I am more focused at work.  I am a teacher and I used to loose my train of thought in class.  It is much easier to stay on topic now when teaching!

Because of Neurofeedback I expect to “age better” and enjoy life more. 

In short, Neurofeedback works—it is a real therapy.



My son Gabe was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 and is high functioning.  We have done Occupational Therapy which has helped with sensory issues and Speech Therapy for Speech and play skills.  It has been extremely challenging but with Neurofeedback Gabe has had remarkable improvements in all areas!  His Eye contact, Conversation, motor skills, speech, anger, and frustration are better, as well as his concentration and focus ability.  I am grateful to be able to hold a conversation with my son.  He continues to improve more and more as time goes on.  He is in mainstream classes and doing well! His progress has brought the both of us so much more peace and joy!  We are able to enjoy things now that we weren’t able to before.  He has better social skills and is able to communicate his needs and wants just fine.  I believe Gabe will recover completely.

The therapists at RenuYou are extremely kind, caring, UNDERSTANDING, and wonderful to talk to.  They are also very educated as well.  Thank You! We are very blessed to have the RenuYou Center and everyone here.

Sensory Integration Disorder 

Our daughter Ashley has Sensory Integration Disorder.  Before doing therapy at RenuYou, Ashely was unable to converse in a clear manner and it was very hard for her to learn and understand instructions.  Her thoughts were very disorganized.

She experienced some improvement with Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  Still searching for Answers I found RenuYou on the internet.  The therapists at RenuYou were very helpful and professional. After receiving Neurofeedback therapy over a 6 month period, Ashley is more organized and her speech is clearer as she is better able to organize her thoughts.  Ashley is happier in school and does better in her school work.  She can also participate in class discussions.

With our family she participates more now that she can communicate effectively.  After doing Neurofeedback her schoolwork improved dramatically.  Because of this her future academic success is now more certain. 


Insomnia/ Adult ADD

I came to RenuYou because I was struggling with lack of sleep and trouble concentration.  I have tried sleeping pills but was left feeling groggy all day.  With 23 Neurofeedback treatments I have a lot better sleep and concentrate better.  I now feel well rested and less irritable.  I have fewer arguments with my family.  I am also getting better grades.  The therapists at RenuYou were awesome.


Childhood ADHD  

We heard about Neurofeedback through a family member whose child has been helped at RenuYou.  So, I brought my son who suffered with short attention span (ADHD).  He was having difficulty concentrating in class and with athletics, as well as difficulty sitting and doing homework.  We tried tutoring and using coping skills to try to deal with the ADHD so he could get through his homework, but this was not enough. 

My son completed 20 sessions of Neurofeedback and he was able to memorize the playbook for football for the first time in 6 years and he was able to complete his homework on time.  His letter grades improved by one whole grade!  He was able to follow directions and memorize everything needed to do for football while playing offense and defense and being the team captain.

His recovery with Neurofeedback has hugely impacted our lives.  We wish we had found Neurofeedback when he was younger- earlier in high school.  Plus, we wish we had been able to do 40 sessions but my son didn’t have time in his schedule.  But, for him to go from Cs to As and Bs for the first time ever was huge!  There is no more tension and arguing about completing homework and other tasks around the house.

We hope that he will be more confident when he goes to college this fall.

The therapists at RenuYou are Excellent.  They are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Do this for your kids and for the improvements you’ll see in your family and children’s relationship with their teachers.  Kids need all the self esteem boosters they can get and doing well in school goes a long way.


Adult ADD 

Learning about Neurofeedback, I came to RenuYou for ADD issues.  I was taking stimulants and still had difficulty focusing on necessary tasks.  I would forget or procrastinate chronically and only perform last-minute “necessary” or interesting tasks much of the time, leaving mundane but still necessary chores undone.  Although I had done Counseling and medication which were somewhat effective in “managing” my issues, they were still ever-present and pervasive.

After completing 20 sessions I am now easily able to focus on mundane chores.  I have more energy and have begun and exercising regularly for the first time in years.  I was able to stop taking stimulants, reduce other medications, and my mood has improved.  My relationship with my spouse has improved.  Home life is more organized and more peaceful.  I have been able to get more accomplished in my small business and am more patient with my children.  My spouse is pleased that I have a better outlook, and have taken charge of more things at home and at work.  I am better organized in my small business.  I have been able to catch up on the bookkeeping, which was a major hurdle, and have been more attentive to daily tasks.

With the help of Dr. Gardner’s metabolic treatment, I feel 100% better physically.  I have lost 8 lbs in the last 30 days and have improved clarity of mind. 

In the future I fully expect to perform better at work and at home, and to continue to improve my physical condition and mental outlook.

The therapists at RenuYou have been kind, caring, and competent.

My experience with Neurofeedback has far exceeded expectations.  I would highly recommend it for everyone, whether they have similar issues or completely different ones.

Autism/ ADHD/ Anxiety/ Sensory Processing

After doing research online, we brought my 7 year old daughter for Neurofeedback Therapy.  She struggles with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, and Sensory Processing. She is on 4 different medications to help her have a successful day.  Life on a daily basis is a struggle and challenge.  Every task or family plan is affected by her reactions. 

We have done Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, medication, etc.  All have treated only symptoms.  None have had lasting results.  After only 5 months of Neurofeedback Therapy she has reduced anxiety, better focus, and a kinder sweeter attitude.  She has more focus at school and better transitioning. Our family dynamic is so much happier.  We hope to see lasting gains and positive roads ahead.

As a result of metabolic therapy with Dr. Gardner we have also seen her eczema improved greatly. 

We love the therapists at RenuYou.  They are so good and attentive to her.  They meet her needs promptly and effectively. 

We have and would recommend Neurofeedback Therapy to all who need it.


Aspergers/ Anxiety/ Depression/ OCD

I have suffered from Anxiety, Depression, and OCD stemming from Aspergers.  These have massively compromised my ability to function and I have not been able to hold a job or function in the classroom.  Before Neurofeedback I did Cognitive Therapy which offered significant improvement but not enough to function.  I did Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and Talk Therapy with little improvement. I also did Hypnosis with no noticeable improvement.  I have also tried many medications with side effects and mild improvements.

I found out about Neurofeedback through a brochure at an Autism Awareness Workshop.   I have now been doing Neurofeedback for two years.  I have a clearer head, more energy, feeling happier, significant increase in intelligence, and more confident and capable.  At present my severe depression is almost gone.  My severe anxiety has been cut in half, at least, and the OCD is about 99% better than it used to be.  My learning disabilities have lessened.  I have been able to go off anti-depressant medication.  When I started I was unable at times to even walk my dog.  I am now walking 4 miles a day with him.

Because of Neurofeedback I am able to do a lot more and recently started my own business.  My parents appreciate my higher functioning and additional chores that I am able to handle.  I am also able to help my mother with her business to much greater degrees.   I believe Neurofeedback will allow me to become financially independent and able to live on my own. 

The therapists at RenuYou are awesome.  I wish I had been born 26 years earlier so I could have received Neurofeedback Therapy when I was 5.  My life would have been 10 times easier.


Mood Disorder   

I brought my son because he has a lot of anger.  I have not seen him very happy.  I feel like he doesn’t like me.  I am the one he blames when something happens. 

We heard about Neurofeedback from a cousin who has been bringing her son.  Now my son’s anger has been so much better.  He is nicer!  Not so quick to anger.  He said he was sorry for the first time.  I believe it will help him with his marriage.  It has been a wonderful and true God Send.  I highly recommend it.