What Our Patients are Saying:

The quotes below are anonymous.  Each is followed by the session number in which the comment was made in order to help give clarity as to expectations for Neurofeedback Therapy. Diagnosis titles below are broad and include many spectrums of the disorders listed.  The testimonies below are all from our own treatment at  RenuYou Neurofeedback Brain Fitness Center .

These results are typical!


“For the first time ever we sat in the floor and played, laughed, and giggled for over an hour.  She looked at me in the eyes and we took pictures with her looking right at the camera.  None of this has ever happened before.”

-session 10


“I’m noticing marked improvement in eye contact and speech combination.  He is organizing his words better.  Before it was very fragmented, like having words but not putting them together.”-session 17


“I’m seeing improvements in motor activity.  He is doing a lot better at opening containers and things like that.”-session 23


“He’s been more active.  He wants to get out of the car and walk around, which is unusual.”-session 3


“He is getting in and out of the car on his own initiative without continual prompting.”-session 4


“He is happier and more active.  During a birthday party he took the initiative to interact and to eat without prompting.  He also tried to play a video game.”-session 5


He called me ‘Momma’”-session 5


“He has been getting up and getting ready by himself.”-session 5


“He is more physically active.  He is feeding himself some.  He is taking more initiative.  He has quit hitting himself in the head.  I want to put an article in the local paper about his improvements- more has been accomplished in the past few weeks than 14 years of seeing doctors.”-session 7


“He is more aware of his surroundings. He goes outside more.”-session 17


“He reached to put on his seat belt which he has never done before.”-session 18


“He has more mobility.  He seems to be thinking more.  He is using more words and he has been more responsive.”-session 20


“The nurse that comes to our home told us she has noticed his eyes are bright, he is thinking more and trying to communicate.  He has not pulled his hair and HAS BEEN OFF MEDICINE FOR 3 WEEKS.”-session 24


“HE IS OFF ALL MEDICATION.  He turned on the kitchen light yesterday and wanted to help wash dishes.  He alsowanted to play and wrestle with the dog and take him for a walk.”-session 30


“He is saying new words and being more expressive in his speech.”-session 38


“His level  of communication is much higher, he’s more mobile and uses words more frequently.  He is more agreeable.  We used to have to drag him to the door- now he’s ready to go.”-session 57


He told me he loved me.”-session 60


“Our daughter is now doing better than the other students in her class.  We are so thankful for Neurofeedback.” – session 20


“He is now able to go all day at school.  Before it was too overwhelming for him.” – session 24


“He got his best report card ever!  His marks improved both in social skills and language.”  -session 37


“I’m seeing major improvements in his pretend play and language converstaion!” -session 84


“She is talking more, especailly with her sister.  She is interacting with dolls more and is no longer afraid of social situations.  She now interacts well with everyone.” -session 26



” He has been off his meds for over a week and has had no behavioral issues at School.  Usually without his meds his name is on the board and really struggles with hyperactivity.”-session 8


“She read her first book this week.  Before she would get too frustrated to even get through a page.  She would seem lost and forgetful.  Her handwriting has even improved.”-session 4


“After her last session she went home and organized her whole doll house.  Before now she has not even attempted to sort through the basket full of doll house toys and the doll house has gone un-touched.  It was a remarkable accomplishment for her.”-session 6


“If I had to pay $2500.00 for just what we’ve accomplished this far it would be worth it .”-session 6


“She went back and finished a job she said she was ‘sick of.’  She’s never focused on anything long enough to get sick of it before!  She no longer has “finish-up” home work either because she is doing her work at school.”-session 7


“He is lashing out less at school and his tantrums are fewer and less intense.”-session 17


“He is sleeping better and getting to sleep easier and faster.”-session 18


“His teacher reports a consistent string of ‘terrific days’ at school!”-session 21


“He is more empathetic, he has better eye contact, he responds better to directions, and is getting along better with other children.  Before he would ignore directions, he would not share, showed no remorse, and did not cry with true emotion.”-session 24


“He hasn’t had a bad day at school in 3 weeks!”-session 24


”He has decided to try to go without his medicine and has done fine on those days.”-session 26


“He has gotten a lot better at not making annoying sounds instead of using words.”-session 27


“We HAVE CUT MEDICINE IN HALF.  He is much less defiant.  He was calm all weekend WITHOUT MEDICATION.  He is saying please and thank you, unprompted.  He is less impulsive and is taking directions without arguing.”-session 29


“I feel like his attitude is showing improvement and he is not as mean and angry as he has been.”-session 3


“He’s happier and less frustrated.  He is having fewer angry outbursts.”-session 5


“I don’t feel as angry and frustrated as I did when I first started coming.”-session 7


“His behavior is improving.”-session 8


“He is now able to be OFF HIS MEDICINE on non school days.  Before he had to be medicated at all times.  He is able to play games with the family whereas before he did not have attention for games. He was even able to stand still in the Christmas program!”-session 25


Everyone is talking about how great he is doing.”-session 35


“He is doing much, much better on his reading– his comprehension is better and he is reading words faster.”-session 36


“I can’t believe he got an ‘A’ on that.


“He is no longer lashing out at friends; his aggressive impulses are fading.”-session 36


“He is doing much better in school; He’s getting B’s and C’s, whereas before he was getting F’s.”-session 40


“His teacher is no longer complaining about him getting up in class and coming unprepared.”-session 40


“He hasn’t had his medicine in a week and he’s doing great– he’s calm and comments on how much he likes being off the medication.  He is much less agitated now that he is off the medicine.”-session 35


“I feel much more clarity and focus after each session.”-session 5


“My head is clearer than it has ever been.”-session 6


“My son has improved in his focus and moods.  Also, in football he is now able to memorize the whole playbook, whereas before he had trouble remembering a single play.  His coach remarks how well he is doing.”

-session 16




“I’m so much less depressed than I was and my energy is so much better.” -session 7


“I’m starting to feel more motivated.”-session 6


“I Seem to be handling [family] better.  It is easier for me to get up and do things.”-session 10


“I have been sleeping better.”-session 15


My psychiatrist whom I’ve been seeing for a couple of years remarks that he sees the improvement and is interested in Neurofeedback as a result of what he has seen.  I have asked him to help me cut back on my medication.”-session 20


“We have been able to take our daughter off of her anti-depressant and her anti-anxiety medications.  She is no longer crying all the time and is able to do many many things independantly that she was afraid to do before.” -session 35


Progress Report: Client hospitalized for depression and anxiety has no notable depression after 20 sessions.


“My energy and motivation are remarkably higher. I wake up wanting to move forward and it lasts throughout the day.  More than anything… I’ve laughed more in the last two weeks than I have in a long time.” -session 6




“I don’t know what you’ve done but this is not the same kid I brought in here.” -session 7


“This is  Amazing!  My daughter is no longer having daily panic attacks.  Where has this been all our lives?!” -session 6


“After being treated myself, If my child ever has problems I will definitely do Neuorfeedback instead of medications.” -session 6


“I’m feeling much, much calmer.  I have less negative thoughts when talking to people- I am more confident and not worrying what they are thinking.”

-session 8


“My OCD is quieter than it has ever been.” -session 6


“My OCD is practically non-existent” – session 40


“My son is no longer afraid to go to bed on his own” – session 15


“Our daughter is now able to venture out on her own and let us out of her sight without having a panic attack.” -session 26


“We’ve done in one year what cognitive therapy could not do in 13 years.  My OCD is 99% improved.”


Progress Report:  After 11 Sessions client reports psychiatrist notes improvement since starting Neurofeedback.  Client also notes that physical symptoms of anxiety improving.


Learning Disorders:


“Having dysgraphia is like trying to write in a mirror.  For the first time ever I was able to write a paper in class and actually finish in less than an hour.  I used to get so frustrated because I would keep messing up and have to start over.  I know it’s the therapy.  I was also able to keep my focus in spite of the person behind me making noise and trying to get my attention.”

– session 8, back to school report


“My daughter is now able to memorize her spelling words for the first time ever.  She has also gone 2 weeks at school without medication and I have not received any phone calls.  Used to if I sent her to school for even one day without her medication I would always get a call.”

– session 28,




“I am starting to get my life back” -session 15, Vietnam


“For the first time in my life I feel peace.” -session,  Emergency Worker