Tele Video Conferencing

RenuYou is now offering tele video conferencing!

We want to help those with increased anxiety and depression during this pandemic by offering tele video conferencing thru TELE-HEALTH.  This will allow you to do professional counseling with a licensed professional therapist, during this temporary period of staying at home.  Call our office.  It is super easy to set up and we will walk you through it.  This service is completely HIPPA compliant and we believe is a God send for many individuals at this time.  You are not alone!  This service is for adults as well as children and we also take SoonerCare for children, up to 18 years old.  This modern technology of using TELE HEALTH has already served thousands around the globe.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or just want someone to help with coping skills, please give us a call. We want to help! We are praying for you and standing on Gods Word for you and your family to be protected.


Call us for more information 918-747-7400.