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Psychotherapy is a powerful tool for anyone who desires to make positive changes in their life.  It can enhance the Neurofeedback process for many clients. Some of our Tulsa Counseling patients may benefit from additional counseling in addition to Neurofeedback therapy.  Certain Conditions such as anxiety may be perpetuated by a history of abuse, wherein the patient needs to resolve issues related to that abuse in order to move forward.  Neurofeedback will help the anxiety, but the psychotherapy can help to draw out these issues.

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Renuyou Counseling’s  approach to counseling First identifies with Colossians 3:9-10 which says that as we “have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator, we no longer function as our “old self with its practices.”  What this means is that as we understand ourselves in the image of our Creator, we will no longer function as our old selves with its dysfunctional ways.  The image of our Creator God is of love, and as Scripture also says, “Love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8).”  Second, RenuYou Counseling mirrors the parable of the Soils found in the Gospels.  In this parable, Jesus explains that when sowing seeds, the result depends on the condition of the soil.  Soil may be dry and hard, full of rocks, or overgrown with weeds.  In the same way, our lives are only as productive as the soil of our minds.  RenuYou Counseling seeks to identify the issues in our lives that keep us from growing and being productive.


Renuyou counseling, like Neurofeedback, can be a stand-alone or integrated therapy.  In our Tulsa office, we have seen wonderful improvements in our clients as a result of each. Below are a few Testimonials of Clients who wanted to share their success.


RenuYou Counseling Tulsa, OK – Testimonials


Brain Trauma/OCD/PTSD:

I heard about RenuYou Neurofeedback Center through a family member who had success there.  I incurred a head injury as a child and also struggled with PTSD and mild OCD.  I would have intrusive thoughts, moments of PTSD over past events, and I would have insomnia leaving me awake for 36-72 hours.  I have had Cognitive Behavioral Therapy over the years and have tried prescriptions that had negative or paradoxical effects in managing my conditions.

I have now completed 18 sessions of Neurofeedback over the last few months.  I am now able to sleep with little medication.  I have discovered my true inner peace and am able to shut down my brain from the extreme “on” position!  I am now more patient and tolerant of events.  Because of my improvements, I now have the opportunity to attend school to change my profession and am looking for a more open future.

The therapists at RenuYou are very receptive, patient, and have partnered with me in my complex situation.  The most important gain is discovering that the brain can be re-channeled to create positive outcomes regardless of any disorder, trauma, or other life-changing events that may hold anyone back from changing their future outcome.

Toward the end of my Neurofeedback treatments, the therapists suggested counseling to deal with psychological stressors I might be dealing with.  With my logical view of life, faith is still a gift I am waiting to receive fully, but I am now able to love my family unconditionally.

Coming from a medical background (from which I had to retire due to an injury), I am now more open to different ways of perceiving “medical counsel,” that it is not the only way- being more open to what works versus the standard of healthcare always being the answer to live with.


Childhood Abuse/ Adult Recovery:

Before coming to counseling at RenuYou, I was struggling with behaviors that were not typical of who I am personally.  A friend who had also been helped highly recommended them.  They helped me uncover areas of myself I had avoided, in a tender yet direct manner. Uncovering these areas lead to identifying the behavior as symptoms of a deeper issue. The counselor allowed me time to process during sessions and sort out and discover what was lying beneath the surface. I feel so free! I’m no longer plagued by the outward displays.

Child Therapy for Aggression and ODD:

Both my daughter and I have been a part of RenuYou counseling.  As for my daughter, the teachers at school suggested I bring her.  I was having a hard time communicating with her and she had bursts of anger where she lashed out at herself and those around her.  I was lost, but thankfully this was the first and the last type of treatment my daughter would need.  She now has minimal bursts of anger and our communication is now amazing.  My anxiety level has gone down and our relationship has improved.  Life is now good!  She receives great remarks from her teachers.  Things are a lot less crazy now and everyone is happier.  We have really bonded with the therapists at RenuYou and I love them, as does my daughter.