Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Testing in Tulsa, OK

After a qEEG brain mapping is performed, results may indicate that a possible inflammatory process could be contributing to neurological brain disfunction.  When that occurs, RenuYou can offer several different types of laboratory testing to reveal what may be causing that inflammation.

Testing that is available includes organics acid testing, genetic testing, methylation, and metabolic testing.  Nutritional counseling is available as an adjunct for those desiring to address any nutritional needs, that may become apparent after such testing, that could be contributing to the gut/brain connection. Much research has been devoted to the gut/brain connection and the medical community has become keenly aware of the importance of providing education and opportunities to improve and maintain healthy brain function.

Sophisticated technology, through various types of testing, allows us to understand and target change in order to enhance the longevity of healthy brain function thus improving quality of life. Make an appointment today at our offices in Tulsa, Ok.