Life Coaching Services

Shereen Kajardi is a certified Life Coach and specializes in Whole Life Coaching and Leadership Development. Her strategic techniques derive from personal experience and from learned and applied knowledge grounded in Scripture, Psychology, Leadership, Management and People development. Her definition of successful coaching is to guide individuals to find their own answers to the questions they seek to find, but to also help them understand how they can then contribute and make a difference in the world and to those around them.
“I believe that everyone was born with an innate passion to make the world a better place. To do so, it is crucial that we identify what our world-healing purpose is. The fullness of one’s potential can only be found in the most honest version of one’s self, and this is exactly where I am called to serve.”
Shereen can help you discover a transformational vision for your life and guide you in taking the steps needed to get there
Her strengths are empathy, passionate and personal integrity. She loves people and always has her client’s best interest at heart.
Her strengths are also viewing things from very unique perspectives which helps her help clients in coming up with unique ideas and creative solutions to problems at hand, especially if it involves helping them grow and develop
If you are looking for a Life Coach that can help you discover the transformational vision for your life and help guide you in taking the steps needed to get there, please call 918-747-7400 to make an appointment.