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Neurofeedback in the News

I often have clients ask me, “Why doesn’t everybody know about Neurofeedback? It is so wonderful and I’ve never even heard of it until now!”  Fortunately, Neurofeedback is being talked about and the buzz just keeps getting louder and louder.

Renu Your Brain, Renu Your Life! publication in ValueNews Magazaine




Meet the Director of Operations for RenuYou Cyndie Gardner

Awesome testimony from Mr & Mrs. Jones how RenuYou helped their child.

Great testimony from Dana Thompson about how RenuYou helped her son.

Another great testimony about how RenuYou helped a teenager with depression, anxiety, and ptsd.

Watch this video and learn how RenuYou helped this teenager with depression and ptsd.

Meet one of our Therapists and Counselors at RenuYou Marie McCabe

Meet Debra Watkins, RenuYou licensed bilingual therapist.

Meet one of our staff members Amariah Dean

Meet one of our staff members Rhonda Burchett

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